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So...I can't believe it's been 10 years since that horrible day. I still choke up when I think of it, it still affects me so much, it still hurts.

Today we sang the Star Spangled Banner in church and I had chills because you could just look around and see that everyone in the congregation was just really putting forth the effort to sing their hearts out, because we meant every word. "The land of the free and the home of the brave..."

Writer's Block: Family planning

If you wanted to have children and had trouble conceiving, would you be more likely to consider IVF, surrogacy, or adoption, and why?

As someone who has struggled with infertility for six years, we are going to be trying IVF as our first big step towards conceiving. That is, if the meds don't work first! 


 So...during my recovery from this Russian death flu or whatever it is I've been confined to bed, and therefore I've been reading a lot. I decided to order some things on Amazon, and stumbled across the Twilight books. Now, over the years I've heard a LOT about these books....some good, most bad, but I never had an interest in seeing what all the fuss was about until now, with very little else to do. So I read the first one...and I was not impressed at all. Too much "smoldering eyes", and I didn't understand why Bella all the sudden became such a boy magnet when she is supposedly so ordinary, etc. It just read like a mediocre fanfic.

But I have to say I'm glad I continued to read, cause I just finished the second book and I have to say I liked it much better than the first. I did actually feel for Bella, the poor thing...and I found her much more likeable this time around. So while I wouldn't say I am a fan, per se, I did order the third book and I am actually looking forward to reading it. 

Writer's Block: Single pride day

Given that we're less than a week out from Valentines, how do you feel about the approaching holiday? Will you participate or abstain? If you're not in a relationship, how will you celebrate your single status?

I'm not sure what my husband and I will do this year...we usually just go out to dinner or something, and exchange cards. It's usually low key, unlike our first V-day as a married couple! He spent a TON of money on me for Valentines that first year...and after that we vowed to keep it simple because nothing could have beat the romance of that night! 


Such a sad day.

The family dog, Brannoc "Nick" died this morning. We have all been crying all day. Trevor buried him in the backyard, with snow blowing all around him.

He was sick for a few days before and we were going to take him to the vet today because he just wasn't getting any better, but this morning when we all woke up he was gone. He must have died this morning around six thirty because we found him at seven and he was still warm. My mom heard him take a deep breath a few seconds before he died. His last breath...

She told me that she was dreaming of him as he was dying...Right before she woke up she saw him running through this beautiful field. His hair was silky and beautiful and he was young and whole and healthy. I know in my heart that it was him telling her goodbye and that he was not hurting anymore, and he was happy.

Even though he was very old and his heart was bad the loss has still hit me very hard. I have so many happy memories of him. He was sweet and kind and never met another person or animal he didn't like. He was truly the most wonderful dog and he made us all laugh when he would try to scratch his back on the floor and would kick his legs up in the air. His spirit will be with us forever. I'm so glad he visited my mom and told her it would all be all right.

I miss him.

Quiz thingie...

Well...I don't know if this is true. I don't feel like a Parvati.

[i'm parvati patil!]

...and which lesser Harry Potter character are you?

A quiz

Writer's Block: You Ate What?

What's the weirdest thing you've ever eaten? Would you eat it again?

Octopus in Guam, when I was little.
We are still trying to move in to our apartment. Trevor has got millions of boxes of stuff he can't live without, and I can't live with! We live in a maze of boxes.

Trevor's dad called the other day. It's been really hard on dad since his divorce, so we were expecting to talk him out of a bad mood, as usual...but surprise! He called with an announcement. Not only is he getting married...but he's getting REMARRIED. Yes, it's true. Trevor's parents are getting back together. Needless to say Trevor is ecstatic. I'm okay with it, too, I guess, as long as his mom is happy. They actually got married last Friday, so it was very sudden.

The nice thing about moving is you get to buy new stuff for the house. I'm totally going shopping.